May 2, 2008

One annoying problem with jquery, ui.dialog plugin and Firefox

I have run into a small problem with jquery, ui.dialog and Firefox 2. If you just use the example code and the default plugin theme (flora) you will see the problem with Firefox - the middle of the dialog is empty. With IE 6 everything is working just fine. I spent some time pushing my head, trying to solve the problem. And then I came across the solution – the example that comes with the ui.dialog. The only difference with my code was the body tag that has class property. Just a css issue, not a dialog problem.
Quite nasty thing, not a bug, but it is not pleasant to make everything from the documentation and don’t get it working.


Anonymous said...

just ran into the same problem thanks for the hint!

Matt said...

ran into a similar problem with my dialog it turned out to be the margin setting in the Body tag. Thanks for the hint

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