Aug 11, 2011

How to stop Skype from using port 80

Its very annoying when you want to use port 80 with apache for example and you must stop Skype, start the service and start Skype again.
Also its annoying when you install WAMP Server and its not working or at least apache is not working because Skype is on port 80 and you’ve totally forgotten about it. If you are little absent minded like me, you may spend even few hours looking for the problem and installing WAMP again.

Open Skype, select Tools from the menu, then Options, go to Advanced Settings and then Connection. There is a checkbox with the text
Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections
Uncheck it and hit Save. That’s it. You may need to restart Skype for the changes to take effect. I hope that this will help you.

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